I've submitted a lot of work to McSweeney's.

This is the one piece that was actually published: Manhattan Coffee Shop or Material Used In The Construction Of A Traditional Powhatan Indian Longhouse?


During the first four years I lived in NYC I wrote a lot of sketch comedy, mostly with the Upright Citizens Brigade. I took a ton of classes and wrote for a couple shows like Sketch Cram and The Livia Scott Sketch Show.

Here are three of my scripts:

Cathy’s Back

Whisky Legs

Shag Carpet Emergency Room


For the past three years I've been a contributor to Funny or Die's Pitch.

Pitch is a virtual writers' room. Invited users pitch jokes and each joke receives votes from other members. Content is then created from the most popular jokes. Here's an article about it in Wired.

The content Pitch creates is published daily on the Funny or Die website.