Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is smart and getting smarter.

It can handle all your busy work, so you can get back to the fun stuff.

I was part of the team that launched this global campaign, working primarily on the out of home and 15 second spots.

The hero spot (aired during the 2018 Oscars):


We took over subway stations, highways, Times Square and more.

That meant writing lots and lots of verbs.


A couple 15s:


And the ultimate mark of success, creative graffiti:


Creative Directors: Andy Berndt, Robert Wong, Kevin Proudfoot

Creative Leads: Tristan Smith, Jesse Juriga, Josh Rosen, Jean & Devin Sharkey

Designers: Tim Saputo, Cindy Mai, David Shatan-Pardo

Editors: Matthew Kalish, Kellan Davidson, Christopher Solada,