(student work)

Nest products (thermostat, smoke alarm, and cameras) are the only smart home technology that learn your behavior, making your home an even stronger reflection of you.


 Custom packaging would be part of an online promotion to inspire the purchase of the entire Nest ecosystem, particularly as a gift for new homeowners, newlyweds, etc.


The intimacy of podcast advertising, as opposed to traditional radio, offers the opportunity to explain the features of Nest products in greater detail with personal stories.


Nest Travel is a new service that would accompany the launch of this campaign.

The function allows Nest users to take the settings from their home thermostat with them whenever they take a trip. Home settings are saved in the Nest app and imported into partner hotel rooms.


If no two Nests are alike, then no two Nest displays should be alike.

With an Instagram campaign, Nest would invite users to share photos of their homes as inspiration for one-of-a-kind in-store product displays.